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WPs & Deliverables

WP1 Key enablers and cross-cutting:

Structured understanding of key factors and new cross-cutting aspects on digitalization ​

  • Added value and business models​
  • Industrial agreements and legal aspects​
  • Interoperability and standardization​
  • Cybersecurity​
  • Humans in manufacturing



D1_1 Structured wiki update

D1_2 Report summarizing main contributions to other WPs



WP2 Pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing:

  • Design new pathways according to the new CF2 scenarios & evolution of technologies​
  • Create a community of pathways evangelists which collect inputs from related communities & pro



D2.1_Pathways instantiation from DT-ICT-07 domains

D2.2_Pathways cross-fertilisation with Digital Technologies

D2.3_Pathways alignment with National / Regional Initiatives

D2.4_Pathways validation and experimentation in DIH Networks



WP3 Cases:

Diving into the Industry 4.0 related research and innovation projects from EC and catalogue main practical results of those projects. Map into the pathways.



D3.1_Initial Scouting Collection and fine-tuned mapping methodology



WP4 Skills and knowledge transfer:

Identify training and courses for industrial workers/managers that match the skills of pathways; identify delivery mechanisms, list relevant online offerings and analyse academic and professional curricula.



D4.1_Skills and job requirements



WP5 Outreach and dissemination 1, workshops:

European, national and regional workshops. ​

Engage with actors in EU & local manufacturing, including manufacturing companies, suppliers and users of digital technologies and platforms. Give directions to the  pathways and the associated set of cases. Disseminate results.



D5.1_Workshop methodology and common information package

D5.3_National and regional sessions



WP6 Outreach and dissemisnation2, exploitation:

Broad dissemination and exploitation actions:​

  • Disseminate key project information, activities and results.
  • Support cross-fertilisation and increase synergies between projects and communities. ​
  • Enhance exploitation of innovative technologies. ​

Collaboration with DT-ICT-07  projects.



D6.1_Website and Flyer

D6.2_Updated version of the flyer



WP7 Coordination:

Ensure that the project progresses and results are achieved.



D7.1_Internal document sharing system

D7.2_Project Quality Plan

D7.3_Data Management Plan



Please find here the ConnectedFactories1 key deliverables.