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Cross-cutting aspects and key enablers

The following links lead to search results on project level and result-demonstrator level on the EFFRA Innovation Portal for a number of aspects that are key to the development and deployment of digitalisation in manufacturing:



One of the activities of the ConnectedFactories Coordination Action is gathering inspiring and key information about these and other key enablers and cross-cutting aspects.


Should you wish to share and promote interesting information, cases and initiatives that address such key aspects of digitalisation, then please let us know


You can find the latest ConnectedFactories deliverables associated to cross-cutting aspects and key enablers here.


Cybersecurity is a requirement that may become increasingly important while progressing on the pathway.   (More information about a workshop held in April 2022 can be found here)


Interoperability and the standards that enable it are essential in the transformation towards digitalised manufacturing.   (More information about a workshop held in October 2020 can be found here)


The role of cross-cutting factors is explained in the video that introduces pathways to digitalisation:




Cross-cutting aspects are described through a comprehensive set of structured lists, which also can be seen as a selfstanding 'structured glossary'.  These lists are included in the structured wiki (see picture below) of the EFFRA Innovation portal, such that the collection and sharing of information about R&D projects, demonstrators and use cases is more structured and accessable.