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Pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing

Pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing reflect how digitalisation and eventually the deployment of digital platforms can bring value within different kinds of manufacturing perspectives, such as factory automation, value networks or product-service development. The pathways enhance the awareness among different stakeholders about the actual and future use of digital technologies in manufacturing and facilitate the migration from legacy situations towards innovative approaches.


Three pathways with a particular scope within the overal contect of manufacturing have been developed during teh ConnectedFactories 1 project (2016-2019): 

  • Autonomous Smart Factories (more on this page, see also the video here below)
  • Hyperconnected Factories  (more on this page, including a video)
  • Collaborative Product-Service Factories (more on this page ; including a video)

Also during ConnectedFactories 1, a pathway on cybersecurity for manufacturing has been drafted.  It was presented at the Cybersecurity for manufacturing workshop in October 2018.  (See this presentation on slide 27).  


Work is underway to fine-tune these pathways and associate cases to these pathways that illustrate the way forward by example.  There is it important that many cases also reflect the requirements and the context of SMEs.


Deliverable 4.7 reflects a snapshot at the end of December 2019 of the progress and outlook of the development of the pathways.  It is available for download here.


In the meantime, work is underway for the development of two new pathways:

  • Circular economy for manufacturing.  A recent presentation can be found here.
  • Data spaces for manufacturing.  A recent presentation can be found here.





Watch: Introduction to Pathways


(We recommend viewing in HD. Click on YouTube to view in full screen)



Presentations of these pathways from a ConnectedFactories workshop held on 26 September 2018 can be found here.   It is likely that more pathways focussing on particular application objectives or contexts will be developed in the future. 


Projects, project results and demonstrators are described and positioned on the pathways via the EFFRA Innovation Portal.   See below how the project FAR-EDGE is currently positioned on the pathways 'Autonomous Smart Factories'


First in the 'List' view:

In the 'Kanban' view:




Please see here for more information about how you can share your projects and cases and position these on the pathways.