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Objectives and main actions

The ConnectedFactories project establishes a structured overview of available and upcoming technological approaches and best practices with regard to the digitalisation of manufacturing. The project identifies present and future needs, as well as challenges, of the manufacturing industries.


The project explores pathways to the digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems and processes and the benefits this will bring.


The ConnectedFactories 1 project has produced the baseline versions of three pathways to the digitalisation of manufacturing:

  • 'Autonomous Smart Factories'
  • 'Hyperconnected Factories'
  • 'Collaborative Product-Service Factories’



ConnectedFactories 1 created insights into important cross-cutting factors and key enablers



ConnectedFactories 1 associated projects and project results and demonstrators to the pathways and the cross-cutting factors. 



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The ConnectedFactories 2 project (started on 1 December 2019) focuses on:


  1. Creating a common understanding of key enablers and cross-cutting factors for the development and deployment of digital technologies and digital platforms for manufacturing
  2. Deepening pathways by taking into account legacy systems, industrial requirements and challenges
  3. Situating inspiring research and industrial state-of-the-art cases, key enablers and cross-cutting factors along these pathways
  4. Matching of skills transfer offering with skills demand across Europe
  5. Engaging with the research and industrial actors in both European and local fora or ecosystems, bringing together manufacturing companies, technology and component suppliers, etc.
  6. Creating a broad awareness about the pathways, key enablers and cross-cutting factors, and about inspiring cases for SMEs
  7. Stimulating visibility and impact of Digital Platform projects (see also