The Digital Transformation Cases Catalogue

The ‘Digital Transformation Cases Catalogue’ was initiated by the ConnectedFactories2 project within the EFFRA Innovation Portal, bringing together inspiring use cases and demonstrators and points to additional information and contact points.  It is now fully embedded within the growing repository of demonstators and use cases on the EFFRA Innovation Portal.

If you wish to promote and share information about demonstrators and use cases, then please let us know.

The use cases and demonstrators in the catalogue originate from European projects as well as national/regional projects or case studies.  This is a dynamic resource and you are warmly invited to contact us and send us references of the use cases that you would like to appear and promote in the catalogue.  If you can also indicate which aspects (Cybersecurity, interoperability, standards, business model aspects, human/skills, circularity, etc..) are striking features of the use case, this information is very welcome and will help us to guide you on how to describe the use cases in a structured way.

For a basic introduction into ConnectedFactories and an invitation to contribute, have a look at this video:

(We recommend viewing in HD. Click on YouTube or click here to view in full screen)

The catalogue is embedded within the EFFRA Innovation Portal. The catalogue and newly available cases will be promoted regularly via diverse information channels.


If you are involved in use cases and demonstrators that you wish to promote and share information about, then please provide us with the basic public information that is already available and let us know.