Introducing the PROGRAMS Project: Prognostics-Based Reliability Analysis for Maintenance Scheduling

The PROGRAMS project (prognostics-based reliability analysis for maintenance scheduling) aims at providing reliable information about the production equipment components remaining lifetime by combining different techniques (trend analysis, components modelling, and simulation) and at determining the best maintenance schedule by correctly assessing the impact that each component has on the whole system as well as the compatibility with company’s production deadlines.

PROGRAMS is developing methods and technologies to transform unexpected stops into shorter and fewer "planned stops”, thus increasing  the overall plant availability.

The main PROGRAMS objectives are:

  1. to develop a model-based prognostics method (integrating the FMECA and Prognostics & Resources Management) for the smart prediction of equipment conditions;
  2. to develop a novel MDSS tool for smart industries maintenance strategy determination and resource management;
  3. to allow smooth integration of maintenance activities into the factory production schedule by providing direct ERP support;
  4. to introduce an MSP (Maintenance Service Platform) tool to share information between involved personnel.

The proposed approach will have an important impact especially on the SME sector, where the need for flexibility, production efficiency, and strategies optimization analysis, often meets resource limitation, localized knowledge gap, and lack of available tools.

The project started in September 2017 and will run until August 2020.