FACTSFORWORKERS: Schaeffler Use Case 2 Solution Successfully Deployed in Ingolstadt

FACTS4WORKERS deployed its final prototype of the project’s solution at Schaeffler in Ingolstadt, Germany. It consists of the digital shift book that is an ICT platform supporting task planning and documentation of the production. It is customized to the production processes and to the workers needs and provides them with cross-layer access to all the information needed and the ability to create own documents and entries, on mobile devices right at their workplace. It harmonizes information sources, provides easy access and management of information, and optimizes the shift handover of the assembly workers.

The FACTS4WORKERS solution is based on a comprehensive requirements analysis conducted by the University of Zurich and was developed by them in cooperation with the Virtual Vehicle Research Center. The system architecture is based on a modular concept that uses the container technology for separating the FACTS4WORKERS software from Schaeffler’s IT environment.

The evaluation has shown that all workers realize that the use of the system can help to make shift handover easier and faster, even if it’s mostly understood that the benefits of the system only come to bear with a wider use over a longer period.

The project results will be incorporated into Schaeffler’s digital shop floor management that will impact up to 50,000 workers worldwide.

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