Launch of the ‘Digital Transformation Cases Catalogue’: Call for cases

Following up on the rich content provided by the different past ConnectedFactories events, we are setting up a ‘Digital Transformation Cases Catalogue’.

The goal is to bring together a set of inspiring and well-described cases in the catalogue, including the link to web pages, video’s etc… where more information about the use case/demonstrator can be found. The first version of the catalogue will be launched in May and will be embedded within and supported by the functionalities of the EFFRA Innovation Portal. The catalogue and newly available cases will be promoted regularly via diverse information channels.

You are invited to send us references of the use cases that you would like to appear and promote in the catalogue when it is launched at the end of May. Please also send any material about these cases that you can share with us.

We will not make this material publicly available but will use it internally while being in touch with the case owners about the description of the cases on the EFFRA Innovation Portal.
If you have many, please put the cases that you wish to be addressed first on top of the list. The use cases can originate from national/regional projects or European projects.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to send us the basic references of the cases and demonstrator and supporting documentation that you can share at this stage. If you can also indicate which aspects (Cybersecurity, interoperability, standards, business model aspects, human/skills, circularity, etc..) are striking features of the use case, this information is very welcome.

We will support your progress along the process of including and describing your cases in the catalogue.