SeCoIIA Webinar and Workshops

The H2020 project SeCoIIA aims at securing the digital transition of the manufacturing industry towards more connected, collaborative, flexible and automated production techniques. It fosters user-driven application cases from the aeronautics, automotive and naval construction sectors. Collaboration is considered from Organization to Organization (O2O), but also from Machine to Machine (M2M), Machine to Human (M2H) and Human to Human (H2H) perspectives. An enhanced process monitoring, optimization and control is achieved by intelligent use of digital twin technology, Industrial IoT, Cloud Manufacturing (CMfg), collaborative robotics and Industrial AI.

Two of the main challenges are:

  • to ensure proper training and awareness of security stakeholders in context of hyper-connected intelligent industrial assets. This can be achieved through the deployment of advanced simulation-based testing and training capacities, commonly known as cyber-ranges.
  • to create trust across the smart manufacturing value chain, secure access to dynamic collaborative Cloud Manufacturing (CMfg) services. This forms a technical foundation to secure the collaborative exchange from the cloud down to the IoT Device for Human2Human, Human2Machine and Machine2Machine communication.

On November 5th and 6th, the SeCoIIA partners will present their approach and use-cases towards secure collaborative manufacturing in a webinar (05.11. 09:00-12:00), and discuss the challenges of preparedness and information security in interactive workshops (05.11. 14:00-17:00 and 06.11. 09:00-12:00).

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