4 & 5 December: Digital Manufacturing Platforms & Connected Factories at ICT2018

This year’s ICT conference will feature three ConnectedFactories cluster networking sessions and two sessions dedicated to Factories of the Future digital call topics.

On 4 December, the ConnectedFactories project will host a networking session which will explore pathways to digital manufacturingPresentations are available here.


The day after, on 5 December, a networking session on a federated smart factory ecosystem will introduce the conceptual federation of four platforms being developed by the NIMBLE, COMPOSITION, DIGICOR and vf-OS projects. Also on 5 December, the FAR-EDGE project will host a networking session on enabling industry 4.0 with blockchain on a digital shop floor.

ICT will include two Horizon 2020 work programme sessions (5 December) on two digital manufacturing call topics: ICT-08-2019 - Security and Resilience for Collaborative Manufacturing Environments and DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 - Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories.

ICT it the European Commission's annual conference on digital research and innovation.

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Pathways to Digital Manufacturing | Federated Smart Manufacturing Eco-system | Enabling Industry 4.0 with Blockchain on a Digital Shop Floor