Satisfactory Project Launches Spin-Off FAREXTRA

Two partners of the SatisFactory project team recently established an innovative spin-off company, Farextra. Through their collaboration on VR/AR, operative procedure definition and on-the-job training components of the Satisfactory project, CERTH/ITI and Regola Srl identified their complementary expertise and potential for synergies and created a spin-off company.

Farextra aims to specialize in providing end-to-end software solutions, as well as consulting services, in the fields of on-the-job training, real-time emergency event response and augmented assistance, 3D object detection and recognition, as well as localization and real-time data overlay. The main product to be offered by Farextra is a VR/AR based software platform for training personnel on manufacturing, maintenance, process operations and support.

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