HORSE Launches Open Call

Factories of the Future project HORSE has launched its open call for proposals.

As part of I4MS, the HORSE open call seeks contributions that validate the HORSE framework in real industrial settings involving nearly autonomous robotics or human-robot collaboration. A budget of € 200,000 (maximum) is available for each successful proposal (total call budget = €1,400,000).

The experiments are also expected to extend the framework by providing new functionalities (software components) or integrating new robots and other machinery (hardware components). The main goals of the experiments are to validate, extend and refine the framework as well as to maximize the impact of HORSE on the European manufacturing sector. This will be achieved by demonstrating the reusability/generalisability of the use cases to be proposed and by detailing the impact in the specific industry.

Because of the expected scope and impact of the experiments the Call welcomes, in particular, consortia of partners offering complementary, multi-disciplinary competences. Consortia should consist of the end user (a manufacturing organisation, preferably an SME) and other partners depending on the needs, e.g.  research institutions, system integrators and hardware providers.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 28 February 2018 and the expected duration of each project launched as a result of this call is expected to be nine months.

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