22 October: InsightProducts – Qualitative product data acquisition for product optimization and digital servitisation

On October 22nd, Sirris is organizing in Ghent a seminar on “Qualitative product data acquisition for product optimization and digital servitisation”.

This seminar is organized in the framework of the InsightProducts project, which supports companies to improve their product and service offering through qualitative product data acquisition and exploitation, in view of digital servitisation.

The seminar will be focusing on data sharing (obstacles & approaches) and digital servitisation (opportunities) with industrial testimonials from:  

Theme - Data sharing - obstacles & approaches

  • The need for inter-compatibility of software services to bring down the cost of operations in the solar industry, Mauricio Richter (3E)
  • Access to customer data, a pragmatic solution, Sigurn Vandenbrande (Gilbos)

Theme - Digital servitization - opportunities

  • From IoT to PaaS through big data analytics, Steven Vandekerckhove (Renson)
  • Digital Servitisation, a be.wan and Certis partnership, Franky Vanraes (be.wan), Manuel Couwet (Certis)


You can register and find further information here.