15 & 16 October 2018: Workshop on Advanced & Interoperable Digital Business-to-Business Platforms for Smart Factories & Energy

On 15 & 16 October (Brussels), the European Commission will hold a workshop on advanced and interoperable digital business-to-business platforms for smart factories and energy.

Users and suppliers of business-to-business (B2B) digital industrial platforms are invited to discuss user requirements, existing commercial and community-driven solutions, and the best ways to address the challenges they face.

Digital industrial platforms integrate different digital technologies and real-world applications, processes, products, and services in industrial environments such as smart factories. European industry needs to come to agreements on functions and interfaces for those platforms, reference architectures and interaction protocols. By doing this, they can create market opportunities leading to ecosystems and standards.

To support the development and piloting of strategic next-generation platforms, the EU is investing around €300 million between 2018 and 2020. The aim is to foster cooperation of stakeholders across value chains, user-supplier integration, and fast adoption of emerging standards.

The workshop will also look at how to integrate evolving technologies in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

A report with main discussions will be published after the workshop.

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